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I am a tea drinker and chocolate enthusiast. In my spare time I take my dog for walks in my battered old jeep 😀


My husband and I fell in love with the beautiful island of Kefalonia back in 2006 when I chose to celebrate my 40th birthday here. We ended up going back to the UK engaged after that holiday and I said I wanted to get married on Skala beach in a few years time. It actually ended up being 10 years time but we got there in the end and my dream came true in May 2017. We had a wonderful ceremony on Skala beach and a lovely meal afterwards at Symposium Restaurant with a few family members.

After more holidays on the island, we like many others dreamt of living here, perhaps when we retire we said…. but, after giving it a lot of thought we decided “why wait? Let’s do it now and see what the future brings” – initially we set our minds on staying for 18 months to see how we got on finding work and adjusting to the seasonal climate.
That was in 2018 – now we own a little piece of the island in a village just outside Poros.

Before we moved here I ran a small cleaning and laundry service in England with my husband. I have always preferred working for myself, so since moving here I have been on the look out for any business opportunities so that I can make a modest living. After talking with friends and neighbours, and doing my own research, I noticed that there weren’t any businesses in the area offering a collection and delivery laundry service to tourists, seasonal workers or busy locals who work tirelessly during the summer season. So, I have decided to start a small clothing only personal laundry service in the Elios region – covering Skala, Katelios, Poros and the surrounding villages. I’m trying to keep my prices as low as possible and intend on giving everyone a reliable and efficient service.

Follow the link to find out about our laundry service options.

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